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Toko Istana Safety (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

ISTANA SAFETY is an importer of Safety Equipment as well as a distributor of Safety Equipment in Jakarta, a good supplier for B2B, B2C, tenders, government and private projects, BUMN, BUMD, private companies, etc.
Provides safety equipment for various brands, various product segments, adjusted to the standardization and needs of consumers.
We also have convection for manufacturing various kinds of safety vests and safety clothes, such as Project uniforms, Factories, Pertamina, Adhi Karya, Restaurants, Hotels, etc.
We also have a Logo manufacturing workshop on your safety helmet, using a special method so that the print does not fade, fade, or scratch and peel and guarantee.
Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority.
Entrust your safety equipment needs to ISTANA SAFETY


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